Saturday, December 3, 2022


I hope everyone had a nice break.  We had a wonderful week back at school this week! Students eased back into routines and expectations. 

This week in literacy we talked a bit about word families.  For example if  you know the word CAT you can also know the words SAT, RAT, etc.   Recognizing these patterns can help us with our reading and writing.  Students began writing  pattern books this week about things they like. These patterns will help students grow the amount of words on their pages.  

During ECO this week we talked about how animals must do something to survive the winter's cold conditions.  They may migrate (like Mr. Smith will be doing this winter 😊), hibernate, go dormant, or stay active.  We had 4 volunteers that dressed up to show what these animals might do in a silly way: the animals who were going to sleep needed to wear pajamas and hold an alarm clock, the migratory animal needed a backpack and hat for his travels, and the active animal needed to grow a fur coat!  Kindergartners thought this was hilarious!  After that everyone had a chance to play charades and act out an animal and the strategy it uses. 

In math students continued to explore and manipulate shapes through building patterns, creating a shape landscape picture, and a fun computer game found on the program Starfall.

We welcomed in December this week with some winter themed activities.  Students painted beautiful northern light pictures after we read a favorite book, from a local VT author called The Fiddler of The Northern Lights.  If your student was out on Friday you can read this story HERE. 

Reminders and notes:

**You will find some of your student's first Writing pages from our first unit in their folders.

**Some kindergartners are bringing in a small stuffy to play with during explore time.  It seems to be working okay right now because students are being respectful about asking when they can take them out and then they put them away in their backpacks. so if your child would like to bring a small one in that is okay.  I'll keep you posted on this if anything changes.  Thank you!

12/7:  Early Release, 12:15

12/13:  Mask Parade, 1:15

12/23-1/2:  Winter Break

Saturday, November 19, 2022

With Gratitude

Here we are on November break already!  I am filled with much gratitude toward this lovely school community.  Daily these Kindergartners show love and compassion to all around them.  We truly enjoy each other's company.  Thank you for all you do to grow empathetic, wonderful children! I hope you all have a lovely break together.  This book is a nice family read. 🧑


Please continue to support your child's independence with getting dressed in winter gear.

12/7:  Early Release, 12:15

12/13:  Mask Parade, 1:15

12/23-1/2:  Winter Break

Saturday, November 12, 2022

50 days of Kindergarten!


Can you believe today marks the 50th day of Kindergarten! How time flies by! 

This week we focused on our monthly theme of gratitude.  We read books and shared in thoughtful conversations.  We have tied this theme into being kind, with World kindness day approaching on Sunday the 13th and Veteran's day.   Students sang our beautiful state song: The Green Mountains at All School Meeting.  A song that reminds us to be grateful for the beautiful state of Vermont and our freedom!

We have now completed the alphabet and look forward to mixing up our literacy stations with lots of different activities.  We will continue our letter formation practice and introduce sandtrays, and letter magent boards this week. 

Show and tell was a hit!  Kindergarteners were proud of their treasures and excited to share them and write about them.  Their writing showcased great labels this week.  Students are working hard to use our word wall and sounding out words as they are writing. 

Taking Math outdoors was fun this week.  We practiced writing our numbers in the sandbox and had fun using rulers to measure objects that were shorter, longer, and equal to our ruler.  We also played several card games where we practiced comparing numbers.  

One more week until break.  It is going to be great! ❤


Please return snow motion forms.

School break: Nov. 21-25th

Thank you for sending your child prepared for all types of weather!

Sunday, November 6, 2022

November is here!


October was a memorable one with 17 sunny days out of the month. The warmth of the autumn sun and gentle breezes have been incredible!  Our class took learning outside a couple of times this week! We began the week acting out Where The Wild Things Are out in the forest. Kindergartners loved gnashing their terrible teeth and rolling their terrible eyes!  Later in the week we took Science outside and went on a hike looking for signs that animals live around us.  I was so impressed how well everyone was hiking and truly enjoying themselves!  You may have heard that we did come upon an old hunting blind not in use and a couple of students found it creepy.  I assured them they were safe and we carried on.  

We were so very lucky to have Buddy Dubay come on Halloween and sing some of his classic songs! Many students recognized him from preschool and sang loud and proud along with him! 

This week we focused on the letters Y, F, K.  and the words: and, you were introduced. We have 3 more letters to go and then all letters have been introduced!

In Math, we have been able to do some stations as well.  We have been working on number formation, counting to higher numbers and representing objects that we have counted through pictures and numbers.  


Please have your child bring in an object for a Show and Tell on Monday.

Saturday, October 29, 2022


What a warm week ... until it wasn't! One day I am wearing a  short sleeve shirt and then the next thing I know, I am wearing a blanket with a hood on top of my jacket at a football game! Please remember to send your child with a warm coat, gloves, and hat even if it seems to be on the warmer side.  Thursday morning's weather dropped 10 degrees from arrival time to recess time!

This week we spent a lot of time learning and reflecting on how animal habitats have very important components: water, food, shelter, air, and space.  Students created their fabulous habitats during integrated arts.  I am hopeful those made it home with minimal damage.  During our Woodsy Wednesday, students watched a puppet show performance on how a little field mouse learns about the important role that habitat plays in an animal's life.  The wind made the show a little comical when the puppet theater was tossed about, exposing the puppeteer (me)!  

Yesterday we took Math outside to fill our tens frames with natural objects from the woods! The kindergartners loved this, especially when we discovered a mouse in the stumps! 

During All School Morning Meeting Mr. Albergini, our superintendent came by and told us one of his great stories of when he was a kid and fell into a bear trap! What a funny and exciting story! FYI, his leg healed just fine!

Please enjoy this week's video.  I apologize that it is a little long but the amount of awesome learning and cuteness that happens every day is hard not to capture!

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Woodsy Wednesday, Pumpkin Pie, and VT Animals


The air seems to be getting a crisp autumn smell that is telling us snowfall is just around the corner and we will soon be in stick season here in VT. 

On Wednesday afternoon we ventured out for our first ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) time aka Woodsy Wednesday!  This will be a time when we will be noticing the world around us through observation, games, books, songs, and exploring time. Being in the outdoors allows for curiosity and creativity to flow naturally. We will plan to go out in all sorts of weather so please help your child come prepared for this.  

In Science, we began talking about plants- particularly pumpkins and their needs. We ended our week with some tasty pumpkin pie!  This week we were fortunate to extend our Organisms unit into an Integrated Arts session.  Students chose a VT animal that they wanted to create out of clay.  We did some research on these animals and shared our findings with the class.  Next week they will create a habitat that will best suit their needs for survival.  

Math we played games called grab and count, filled in our counting book, and completed some matching numbers and pictures activities. 

Literacy we continued to practice new letters.  This week's letters were: Nn, Ee, Bb, Cc, Jj.  Students continue to enjoy stations where they are practicing letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds. We added the word "go" to our word wall that houses all our high-frequency words - words that we see frequently in our books.  So far we have: I, a, see, and go. 

Looking forward to another great week next week! 🧑

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Friday Greetings


What a glorious sunny afternoon and it is predicted to be sunny all weekend!  Please get out and enjoy some beautiful autumn weather this weekend!

This week flew by in Kindergarten.  This week in Literacy we focused on the letters L, P, O, V, H.  Students are practicing these letters by playing bingo, matching games, and practicing their letter formation.  We worked some more with recognizing parts of words and counted how many syllables they had. In writing we spent time creating an All About Pumpkins book.  We shared things we know about pumpkins.  Students are becoming writers by using their letter and sound knowledge that is growing daily!

In Science, we continued our organisms conversation further on how we care for pets.  Pets depend on us to help them survive - they need water, food, air, shelter, and care. Next we will begin to talk about plant needs.

In Math, we continued to practice counting in fun ways and then writing down those numbers and showing our work with pictures. I wonder how many leaves you could find outside this weekend?  How many red? Orange? Yellow? Could you make a rainbow of colors?


Please continue to bring water bottles to school.

  I hope everyone had a nice break.  We had a wonderful week back at school this week! Students eased back into routines and expectations.  ...